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Our Company

A boutique Wealth Management Firm founded by Paul Krause. This is not a wholesale insurance or investment firm. We work with families and the businesses they own to make their dreams reality and maximize net Wealth!

Our Approach

We provide various and unique services for tailored for your family, business, and wealth goals. 

It is our goal to bring value to every one of our unique clients where it will make the biggest impact. Whether you need an exit strategy, Cashflow analysis, have an upcoming tax event, or are just looking for some good financial advice, we will exceed your expectations, bring fresh perspective, and outside advice. Bottom line - we bring value!

Key Competences

  • Charitable Trust Strategies to help mitigate capital gain events
  • Evaluate New Deduction or Defferral opportunities for your business
  • Help structure tiered compensation structures as you align leadership goals with pay
  • Exit money from your business smarter
  • Create legacy through compounding, leverage and competitive returns
  • Pass money from one generation to another with less taxes
  • Partnered with well respected money managers